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Top 10 Most Influential Gay Celebrities in a Philippines

March 3, 2013 by  

From a universe of entertainment, politics, conform and business, we count down a 10 Most Influential Gay (LGBT) Celebrities in a Philippines.


Welcome to a list of a Top 10 Most Influential Gay Celebrities in a Philippines where we respect a contributions of a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) village in a country. Without meditative twice, we put Asia’s King of Talk–Boy Abunda–at a no. 1 position simply since of a impact of his change for being an superb TV host, publicist, talent manager, and endorser, and for being an active disciple for happy rights.

Aside from 6 other happy celebrities from opposite fields, also enclosed on this list are dual lesbians and 1 transgender from showbiz.

Please take note that we did not cruise in this list those who are NOT publicly out as gay.

Without serve ado, here is Starmometer’s list of a Top 10 Most Influential Gay Celebrities in a country…



1. Boy Abunda

What’s a common denominator of Zac Efron, Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz and Nicholas Sparks? Well, during some indicate of their lives, they’ve finished a one-on-one speak with Boy Abunda. “Tito Boy”, as everybody calls him, has been a summary of what a good speak uncover horde is in a Philippines. He has means to settle a customary in hosting that is formed on law and relevance. In a infrequently extraneous universe of showbusiness, Boy Abunda seeks a existence behind any issue, a amiability behind any luminary he gets to speak to, and to tab his famous show, “the bottom line” of any story he covers. He is a speak uncover horde who balances his heart and mind in traffic with several subjects he encounters in his work. No doubt he tops this list. Because no one can do it improved than Tito Boy!



2. Vice Ganda

Who could conflict a amusement and crazy antics of Vice Ganda? This comedian is intelligent and extemporaneous that we will drown your self in delight if we watch him on TV. More to that, there is an unaccountable mass interest and hint about Vice that sets him detached above and over everybody else in a game. There’s no consternation that he is where he is right now. From common beginnings, Vice has arise to a arise and infer to us that when we follow your dreams and put onward your prophesy into action, a gates to success open. Vice Ganda once pronounced on TV, “Naniniwala talaga akong ang misyon ko sa buhay ay magpasaya ng tao,” and with that, Vice has turn a really successful comedian in a story – violation box bureau records, environment comedic trends, and apropos one of a many speak about stars in amicable media.


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