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Top 10 moments in Michael Jordan history

Michael JordanBrian Drake/Getty ImagesThis Top 10 list indeed started with M.J.’s best 30 moments. It wasn’t easy to slight down.In a career filled with noted performances and achievements, these are a tip ten.

10. Bulls vs. Cavaliers (Conference Finals, Game 4): May 17, 1993
The measure was tied during 101 with a final seconds ticking away. Michael Jordan was one-on-one with Gerald Wilkins, coming a free-throw line when he spun around, faded divided and sunk a jumper over Wilkins’ arm as time expired. Bulls 103, Cavaliers 101.

9. Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins: 1988 Slam Dunk Contest
A asperse competition for a ages, Jordan clinched a feat with a iconic free-throw line asperse where he flies by a atmosphere in a approach usually His Airness can.

8. Bulls vs. Knicks (First Round, Game 3): Apr 30, 1991
The facial Patrick Ewing perceived from Jordan in this series-defining diversion contingency still give a large male nightmares. After winning Ewing, Charles Oakley and a Knicks, a Bulls went on to win their second uninterrupted NBA title.

7. Bulls vs. Blazers (NBA Finals, Game 1): Jun 3, 1992
Jordan went berserk in a initial half, scoring 35 of his 39 points to set an NBA Finals record for points in a half, a record that had stood for 30 years. The Bulls won 122-89 and claimed a three-peat shortly after.

6. Bulls vs. Jazz (NBA Finals, Game 5): Jun 11, 1997
The Flu Game. Jordan battled dehydration, exhaustion, nausea, John Stockton and Karl Malone to dump 38 points and assistance a Bulls win a series-turning Game 5.

5. Bulls vs. Celtics (First Round, Game 2): Apr 20, 1986
After violation his feet in a third diversion of a season, many approaching Jordan to lay out until a subsequent season. But M.J. insisted on returning and heading a Bulls to a playoffs, where he scored a playoff-record 63 points during a Boston Garden in Game 2.

4. Bulls vs. Lakers (NBA Finals, Game 2): Jun 5, 1991
In a finish in trade that many kids are literally unqualified of mimicking, Jordan switched a round to his left palm in mid-air to equivocate a Lakers defender and measure his 13th uninterrupted done margin idea in a game. Marv Albert followed with his iconic call, “Oh, a fantastic pierce by Michael Jordan.”

3. North Carolina vs. Georgetown (NCAA Championship): Mar 29, 1982
As a freshman, well, Jordan squandered no time being great. He sunk a game-winning shot in a NCAA championship game, with a more-established James Worthy and Sam Perkins operative as decoys, to improved a Hoyas.

2. Bulls vs. Cavaliers (First Round, Game 5): May 7, 1989
Perhaps even some-more famous than Jordan’s pretentious buzzer-beating game-winner from 15 feet is a jubilee that followed, as M.J. leaped into a atmosphere and pumped his fist vigourously in an electrifying moment.

1. Bulls vs. Jazz (NBA Finals, Game 6): Jun 14, 1998
Maybe some Jazz fans will contend he pushed off, though no matter: With Jordan holding his follow-through as his game-winning shot strike zero though net with 5.2 seconds left, there was no improved approach for Jordan to leave a Bulls on top. Jordan finished a diversion with 45 points and 6 championships.

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