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At-home pack tests for tip 10 allergies, including cats

The test, privileged by a FDA, lets people check if they are allergic to 10 allergens.

If you’ve been prickly to find out either we have allergies, an at-home exam might be an option.

MyAllergyTest is now a widely accessible at-home allergy exam with Food and Drug Administration clearway for 10 common allergens — substances that can means a defence complement to overreact in some people. The pack tests for Bermuda grass, cat, cedar, egg white, residence dirt mites, milk, mold, ragweed, Timothy weed and wheat.

The exam is among an expanding array of do-it-yourself evidence and tracking tools. In further to at-home pregnancy tests, there are inclination to guard blood glucose levels, blood vigour and cholesterol levels.

MyAllergyTest is for people who are extraordinary about their allergy triggers, a association says. Users are given collection to cut a finger to collect a few drops of blood, that they mail in a special vial to a company. Users accept their trusted formula in a U.S. mail or by logging on to a secure website a few days after a lab receives a sample.

The test, from ImmuneTech in Foster City, Calif., has perceived clearway from a FDA.

“The thought is formed on affordability and accessibility to a broader population,” says ImmuneTech CEO Lisa Elkins.

The over-the-counter test, with a suggested sell cost of $49.95, might interest to those who are impoverished and don’t have health insurance, Elkins says.

“We never disciple that it takes a place of a physician’s recommendation or care, though a existence is that allergy affects a vast apportionment of a population,” she says. “It stays mostly undiagnosed or self-diagnosed though is a critical condition that can lead to ongoing illness, such as asthma.”

The exam formula initial yield a means of a allergy or allergies. A personalized MyAllergyPlan news offers superintendence to assistance conduct those allergies. For example, a chairman who is allergic to ragweed is suggested to equivocate mowing a lawn.

After people find out what triggers their allergies, they can forestall or provide them, a association says. The devise provides a medicine finder to locate an allergist and links to allergy government products. The association recommends that an adult discharge a exam for those younger than 18.

Linda Cox, boss of a American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, urges caution.

“It is critical that a health caring veteran be concerned in interpreting formula and directing patients with their allergy or allergy-like symptoms,” says Cox, a board-certified allergist in Fort Lauderdale. She says people might have problem bargain a results, that might lead to inapt decisions.

The pack tests for 10 allergens, though people might have reactions to many other substances, Cox adds.

The association says contrast for 10 allergens is a reasonable initial step that keeps a cost of a exam affordable. It says it is operative on adding allergens to give consumers a choice to ask some-more testing.

MyAllergyTest perceived FDA capitulation for a strange lab instrument in 2003. The FDA gave it over-the-counter clearway in 2006.

Before 2013, MyAllergyTest was accessible on a singular basement online for investigate to universities, by health caring screeners (workplace wellness and health fairs) and a singular series of physicians. It was also accessible during a singular series of Meijer stores in a Midwest. It is now accessible nationally during vital retailers and pharmacies including Meijer, Walgreens and Walmart.

The cost includes a at-home exam collection kit, lab fees, trusted formula and a personalized allergy government plan. It is lonesome underneath Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.


Four USA TODAY staffers who attempted a exam had several reactions.

• One, who did not consider she had any allergies, pronounced formula showed she has a really low allergic response to cats and ragweed. She says she is confident with a exam since she knows she has some sensitivities.

• Another tester, who has amiable asthma, says she takes over-the-counter remedy (Allegra) to understanding with pollen, dirt and animal dander. She says a exam reliable “mild” allergies to dirt mites and cats, though it supposing no information on her categorical concerns — dogs and many tree pollens, such as ash trees, that are abounding around her home. She pronounced she didn’t consider a exam was value a cost.

• A third staffer mailed in a blood representation though got a lapse e-mail observant she did not send in adequate blood. She declined to retake a test.

• The fourth tester says a association should urge a kit’s flue to make it easier to collect a blood. But she says she is confident with a test, that indicated she is not allergic to a 10 allergens.

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